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Providing Strength and Balance to your Soil

Nature’s Way Compost is an established Company with the expertise and resources to provide effective and efficient services for composting cattle manure.  Dedicated to providing environmental benefits for area farmers and local feedyards, Nature’s Way strives to provide the highest quality natural product for improving soil fertility and soil physical properties so that farmers may reap the benefits year after year. 


The quest for a safe, effective alternative to fertilizer prompted a dramatic increase in the demand for compost.  By carefully monitoring moisture content and encouraging aeration at proper times, Nature’s Way is able to convert manure into high quality compost.  The conversion of raw manure into compost provides a number of benefits in its use as an agricultural fertilizer and soil additive.  Compost converts manure into a product with low moisture content, uniform particle size, friable texture, reduced materials, volume, and reduced weight.  Not only does compost improve soil nutrient but also adds organic matter to the soil replacing what has been lost over many years of tillage.  Each year, carbon loss from the soil decreases its productivity while compost helps replace lost carbon.  Compost also converts nitrogen into a more stable organic form. 


Due to the growing concern for the long-term health of farm land Nature’s Way Compost intended for the production and application of compost to be a program farmers could implement year after year in order to strengthen their soil fertility. 


As a family-owned operation the Gibson’s have proven to be a viable growing company and a desirable one as well.  We place a great deal of importance on our relationships with local and neighboring farmers, and are blessed with great support that contributes to the overall success of our company.

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